FBI, Chesapeake Police Returning Personal Belongings to Victims of the Walmart Shooting

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Walmart Shooting

CHESAPEAKE—The Federal Bureau of Investigation is assisting the Chesapeake Police Department (CPD) with investigating the November 22, 2022 shooting at the Walmart in Chesapeake, VA. Crimes can have a devastating effect on victims and their families who may need assistance coping with the impact.

Providing information and assistance to victims of the shooting is an important part of our work.

Following the incident, personal belongings were left behind at the scene. FBI and CPD want to ensure all victims who were present can retrieve these items, such as bags and jackets.

If you know you left something behind that you would like returned, please fill out this questionnaire and provide as much detail as possible about your belongings.

CPD is the lead investigative agency in the case. The FBI continues to assist, including through victim services efforts.

The FBI is legally mandated to identify victims of federal crimes that are under investigation and provide these victims with information, assistance services, and resources.

The FBI’s Victim Services Division (VSD) is uniquely suited to provide emergency assistance to victims of domestic and international terrorism and mass violence crimes due to its national and international scope and extensive experience in responding to victims of these crimes.

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