British Labour leader Starmer visited Kyiv: met with Zelensky and visited Bucha and Irpin. PHOTO

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British Labour leader Starmer visited Kyiv

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met in Kyiv with the leader of the Labour Party and the Official Opposition of the United Kingdom, Keir Starmer.

This was announced by the Head of the Ukrainian state in Telegram, reports TDO

“One of our priorities today is to further strengthen the support of Ukraine by our partners and allies, among whom the United Kingdom occupies a key position. That is why the visit of the leader of the Labour Party and the Official Opposition of the United Kingdom, Keir Starmer, is very important,” Zelensky said.

Starmer visited Kyiv
Starmer visited Kyiv

He informed that during the meeting, the parties discussed the situation on the frontline and possible developments in the coming months, the issue of sanctions and confiscation of Russian assets, their use for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian state, as well as the establishment of a special tribunal for the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine.

“We must ensure justice. Ukrainians who lost their relatives are waiting for this,” the President emphasized.

According to Rolitico. Keir Starmer visited Bucha and Irpin. After an unannounced trip to Kyiv on February 16, Labour Party member Keir Starmer vowed that Ukraine will always have his party’s “unwavering support”.

Before meeting with the Ukrainian president, Starmer visited Bucha, the site of mass killings of civilians, and Irpin, which was destroyed by Russian bombing. He met with human rights and reconstruction experts.

“It is impossible to look at the consequences of the atrocities I saw this morning. The pictures of civilians on the outskirts of Kyiv blindfolded and their hands tied behind their backs. There must be justice in The Hague,” he told the British television company ITV.

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