Instead of fighter jets, Britain could provide Ukraine with more urgent support, including long-range weapons, and anti-aircraft missiles, – Wallace

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British Defense Minister Ben Wallace is confident that allies could help Ukraine more quickly by supporting operations “on the ground” and not focusing on providing aircraft.

This is reported by DO with reference to  Censor.NET.

Instead of fighter jets, which would require months of pilot training and a “substantial technical crew”, the UK could provide more immediate support.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace
British Defense Minister Ben Wallace

In particular, the transfer of long-range weapons and anti-aircraft missiles.

“I think we can help Ukraine sooner by giving them the force they need on the battlefield, rather than doing a specific request,” he said.

Wallace also compared sending planes to Ukraine with the gift of a Formula 1 car.

“Giving a normal car that you or I could drive, compared to a Formula 1 car, is a very different thing,” he said, trying to justify why there are difficulties with the delivery of fighter jets. 

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