Sadili Exports Canned Georgian Traditional Dishes to Azerbaijan

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AMIKO KALANDIA, Marketing Consultant at Sadili
AMIKO KALANDIA, Marketing Consultant at Sadili

Georgian brand Sadili, producing  canned and ready-made Georgian food, is introducing Georgian flavors to foreign markets.

Amiko Kalandia, Marketing Consultant at Sadili, told Golden Brand that Sadili canned products are already available in Azerbaijan.

“We have exported our products to Azerbaijan and are still continuing the expansion process. At the same time we are trying to be available in every corner of Georgia,” he said.

Sadili is a Georgian word that means “dinner”. Famous Georgian traditional dishes that take time and requires some cooking skills are now easily accessible to consumers ⁠— ready-made satsivi, dolma, khalia, chakhokhbili, kharcho, beans and others dishes, all in canned form, are available in supermarkets across the country.

In an interview with Golden Brand, Kalandia shared his impressions about what factors led Sadili to their success and the Golden Brand award itself.

Q. Sadili has won the Golden Brand in the category “favorite canned Georgian product”. What led the brand to this success in your opinion?

A. There are several factors that led to this recognition. First of all, the uniqueness of the concept of the brand, which produces canned traditional Georgian food. The other factor is the uniqueness of the products ⁠— Sadili products are prepared in a high-tech factory with locally produced ingredients. These two factors create a competitive advantage in the market.   

I would say the most “sensitive” factor of Sadili’s success is that we preserved old, traditional flavors of Georgian cuisine and have made difficult-to-prepare dishes easily accessible to consumers.

The unity of these factors and solid communication with the customer base make our product number one in the market.

Q. You mentioned the unique concept of Sadili. How did you come up with this idea and what kind of traditional dishes can we find under the Sadili brand?

A. There’s a lot of canned products in our market, but I think canned satsivi, a Georgian dish made from poultry in a walnut sauce, is offered only by Sadili.

We came up with the idea to create Sadili as a brand taking into account the fact that people often have less time and energy to prepare meals and therefore need convenient and easy options. Canned foods are affordable, long-lasting and easy to store.

As for offering canned dishes from traditional Georgian cuisine, this is a creative way to introduce traditional flavors to a wider audience. Previously we had just twelve products, now we are doing twenty.

This concept gives us an advantage on the market. To that end, we are always doing research to determine where best to go with our portfolio strategy.

Q. Please summarize Sadili’s operations on the market.

A. Sadili first appeared in 2018 with ready-made canned dinners. Over time we added several categories of stewed meats, fish and mushroom products. During this period we actively worked on improving the taste and appearance of our products.

Today Sadili has an updated design, a completely new strategy, and an assortment of about twenty products.

Q. What is the top-selling product?

A. All products have their customers, but stewed meat is our bestseller.

In the past we produced up to one million products, the majority of which were sold on the local market, and some of them were exported to Canada and Ukraine. We used to supply the Georgian military as well.

Q. Sadili participated in the largest food and beverage sourcing event in the world in Dubai ⁠— Gulfood. How did thar go?

A. Our visit to Dubai was quite rewarding, we had talks with several big distributors. At the exhibition we had the opportunity to meet both local buyers and suppliers of various raw materials. We have already begun cooperation with several suppliers, which will give us the opportunity to improve the quality of our products. We are also preparing to obtain an FDA Certificate, which will allow us to enter the US market.

Overall, I would say that our company and each member of our team is dedicated to creating great products for Georgian customers and of course everyone else. I hope to fulfill all the ambitious plans we have for the future.

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