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Natia Jincharadze - Global Idea director
Natia Jincharadze - Global Idea director

Every successful company creates not only a valuable product, but also value itself, in which it is vital to invest such things as discipline, hard work and intellect to turn every working day into an opportunity, to see a little further than others see, and to notice angles around you which others do not. This is the key to success.

The word “success” unites many things in its significance ⁠— he who can draw conclusions, make specific decisions and, of course, act on time! Patience, the ability to convey to people what only you can see and hear; healthy pragmatism and determination, courage and creativity ⁠— all these qualities are no less important than doing your job every day, and that’s what makes a successful business unlike any other.

As for the Golden Brand, for eighteen years it has been moving ever more boldly towards innovation. I will also note that Golden Brand, which researches and rewards brands, has long since become a brand itself. The name of Golden Brand has gone beyond the borders of Georgia, and today not only Georgian, but also the largest international brands are proud of being recognized by it.

It is nice to see that many companies use Golden Brand trademarks in advertising. You can often see Golden Brand labels on various products at shop counters. This means that facts always speak louder than words.

Each year many brands are waiting to win. We do not forget that their success is measured by professional achievements. The stories of all the winning brands over the years prove that anyone can become successful in all important areas of business if they want to. An active personal position, the desire to conquer new heights, an extraordinary approach to solving problems ⁠—  managers with these qualities make a brand exemplary. And finally, I want to congratulate you on victory, and wish you progress and success in all your endeavors!

Natia Jincharadze – Global Idea director

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