Emma Raducanu: “I’m really looking forward to returning to Stuttgart”

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Emma Raducanu

Emma Raducanu will be one of seven Grand Slam winners competing at the 46th Porsche Tennis Grand Prix. After making her debut last year, the Porsche Brand Ambassador, who sensationally won the 2021 US Open, is looking forward to returning to the Porsche Arena. In the 20-year-old Briton’s eyes, the tournament “is a super way to begin the clay court season”.

Emma, how much are you looking forward to your second Porsche Tennis Grand Prix?

Emma Raducanu: “Very much so! I had a great experience last year and played well, it’s a fun tournament and very well run so I’m really looking forward to returning to Stuttgart.”
What memories do you have of your first appearance in Stuttgart? What particularly impressed you? 

Emma Raducanu: “I think it’s a very nice arena for tennis and provides a great atmosphere. Of course, having the cars behind the court and also being able to rent from a selection of Porsche’s throughout the week is pretty cool!”
In Stuttgart, one quickly has to face a top player, often in the first round. Is it a special challenge?

Emma Raducanu: “The tournament always attracts the world’s top players. The strong field means there’s some great tennis to be seen and good competition. Personally, I like to test myself and compete with the best players in the world, so it’s a challenge I enjoy.”

Porsche Brand Ambassador Emma Raducanu, 2023, Porsche AG
Porsche Brand Ambassador Emma Raducanu

Awaiting the winner is a Porsche Taycan Turbo S Sport Turismo. How much does it motivate you? 

Emma Raducanu: “A lot! Who wouldn’t want to win that?! I’ve been lucky enough to drive one on a few occasions and it’s a very smooth drive and tremendous acceleration!”
What do you think about the Taycan and the E-Mobility approach in general of Porsche? 

Emma Raducanu: “I think what Porsche has been able to do with e-mobility is amazing, to produce a very high performing electric car like the Taycan is a big feat and a sign of the future.”
What are your expectations going into your second clay court season? Have you got used to clay in the meantime? 

Emma Raducanu: “I haven’t played on clay since the last clay court season but I’m looking forward to it again. I’ve already had my first practice sessions. Last year was my first real experience on clay and I was pleased with my progress so it will be fun getting back playing on clay.”

You are playing on an indoor clay court in the Porsche Arena, what’s the difference or the speciality? 

Emma Raducanu: “It plays a bit faster than an outdoor clay court, such as Rome, and I think it suits my game. The tournament is a super way to begin the clay season. So hopefully it sets me up well and helps the transition to clay.”

Emma Raducanu, Porsche Brand Ambassador, 911, Court Supremes, 2022, Porsche AG
Porsche Brand Ambassador Emma Raducanu in front of the camera for the photo project “Court Supremes”

Which events or experiences as a Porsche Brand Ambassador have you liked most so far? 

Emma Raducanu: “Porsche have been amazing in supporting my off-court goals. Together we have put together a driving program that includes track lessons with more advanced cars and I’ve had a lot of fun improving my driving skills. The goal is to keep progressing and who knows what opportunities it might lead to. I love testing new cars and learning about the engineering side of the industry as well.”
Is there anything particular with Porsche that you would like to experience one day? 

Emma Raducanu: “Compete in a race with Porsche?!” (laughs)

Emma Raducanu, Mark Webber, Porsche Brand Ambassadors, l-r, 911 Carrera S, Silverstone, 2022, Porsche AG
Emma Raducanu with Porsche Brand Ambassador Mark Webber

Except for playing tennis, what would you like to get up to in Stuttgart? Did you get any tips from your coach? 

Emma Raducanu: “My coach is from Stuttgart, so the pressure is on him to show the city in all its glory! I’m sure there will be some driving opportunities as well but let’s see.”
You love motorsport and fast cars. When are you next off to the racetrack? 

Emma Raducanu: “I’m not sure but hopefully soon, Stuttgart maybe?”
Porsche is doing pretty well in this Formula E season. How much are you rooting for the team? 

Emma Raducanu: “The team is highly successful in Formula E and is building quite a lead at the top. I haven’t been able to make it to a race as it never seems to match up with the tennis calendar but hopefully it will at one point as I’d love to support them in person trackside.”

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